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CV Aerial Photography Pty Ltd

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Road works surveying

ReelAir Imagery

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Drones and horses..
Wakes Up...
Australian Tarmac Rally Championship... Mount Baw Baw

ArcadiaSky has 53 Operators available for Drone Hire in Bendigo

Soaring Video

Soaring Video Showreel
14 Sycamore Street
5 Fellows Street
Orbit & Follow-Me autonomous flight demo


Aeroture Showreel 2015
Real Estate Video
Tourism and location

Th3rd Dimension Media

Th3rd Dimension Media - 2016 Showreel
Botanica House Sales Video 2015
Th3rd Dimension Media - 2015 Aerial Showreel
Villa Botanica - Drone Wedding Sneak Preview

Paladin A to Z

Operating Environment

Flying Eagle Pictures. P.F. Pictures Pty Ltd

Freelance Cameraman/CASA Certified UAV Operator

Digital Falcon

Digital Falcon in 3D – Curly Flat Vineyard
Long Range Fixed Wing
Automated Vine Row Detection Algorithm
Monocular Depth Estimation

Skyhawk Vision

Skyhawk Vision - Aerial Landscape
Skyhawk Vision - Aerial construction services


A Journey Through Time with Antony
Fox 8 The Recruit Season 2
Cadel Evan’s Great Ocean Road Race
The Recruit Season 1 - FOX 8

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